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Art Week Golden, as it is called, is not just a celebration of the arts; art connects people with people in sometimes difficult circumstances, draws attention to community problems through creative expression, and provides an artistic education that is so lacking in Colorado's public schools. The city of Golden celebrates this kind of creative endeavor this week with ArtsWeek, a multi-day festival of art, music, dance, food, entertainment and more that ends on Sunday. The Foothills Art Center organizes all the events and programs planned for the Arts Weekend, kicking off with the annual Golden Art Festival on Saturday, March 5, from 12 noon to 5 pm at the Golden Arts Center.

In a different direction, but still instructive, the Public Art Commission is offering an open house at the Foothills Art Center. Community members are welcome to discuss future and current public art projects, ask questions, and provide feedback on their evolving public art programs. On Wednesday, ArtsWeek will offer other educational programs, including a local food-sharing group (which also supports aspiring farmers with cooking demonstrations) and an art workshop. The Public Arts Commission and the Art Department of the Golden Arts Center will be present from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The participating artists, who we all look up to here in Denver, are interactive and can talk to you. They produce their artwork in a variety of ways and appear on the walls of Foothills Art Center and in public places throughout the city of Denver.

I enjoy interacting with them and being able to be part of the design process. As I pile up pieces, I'll post stories about what I have in the picture itself. I will price the pictures and put them up for sale for the DM and let people approach me.

I underbid a lot, but it's worth selling them rather than undercutting and selling a lot of paintings, so I'll do that. is a free resource that I love, and one way to keep the site running is to use the links on the Resources page when you need to buy something. I thought it would be great at some point in my life, but at the moment it's just cool to sell pictures.

There will be a lot of artists, but I post from my Instagram account, which has thousands and thousands of followers, and always behaves in a way that I keep getting my name out. My paintings are very different because I think people don't see what I put into them. It's a person being pulled by a rose, and that's what attracted me to it, so I'll be in it for a while.

I think artists are pretty focused and their pieces are what they're done with, but I kind of get everywhere. I would say I get tattooed probably 80% of the time, and then the rest would be art. Tattooing is the way I pay the bills, so I get tattooed most of the time for people who rely on me.

As someone who recently moved to Denver, what are the advantages and disadvantages of being an artist here, and what do you like most? Denver and Colorado seem to like working with artists in general, so It's really cool to know what kind of work you're aiming for. I'm not sure what to do. I'm just an assistant, but I've worked with some of the best artists in the state of Colorado in recent years. So it was really cool to just be an assistant to someone like that, someone with such a passion for art and so much talent.

When it comes to tattooing and art, do you want to go more in one direction than the other, or do you always see yourself working at the same time? I think I dedicate about half a percent of my time to my own marketing and half to looking for tattoos and other new experiments. I was a part of Til Death, so I developed a lot of concepts and people give me creative freedom. I'm really excited about the concept of tattoos, but I also have to do other things like doodling, painting, writing, drawing, etc.

Do you have other orders, and if so, how do you find customers and how does it work for you and your customers?

I have also put some of the money into art tools and materials, but I say I would buy funny things from art sales. I would find a piece of 2x4 and a friend would like to have a picture of it and we would do it with the crap color we had. Then I realized that I am not so good with spray paint and I adapted my own version of spray paint. You would find exactly the color you needed or wanted, and it would just look messy and inconsistent, so you would have to find it yourself.

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