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ARTSWEEK GOLDEN is a week-long celebration of the arts organized by the Foothills Art Center in partnership with the Golden Citizen Foundation and other art-oriented organizations. State visitors and visitors to Golden, Colorado will enjoy the opportunity to explore the vibrant community and art scene. The Golden Visitor Center weaves its way between 303 - 279 - 3113 and the historic downtown area to explore these vibrant communities and learn about the area's rich history. It seems only a matter of time before we drive through the alleyways of Interstate 70 and into the heart of downtown Golden. The Golden Summer Jam is sponsored by the Golden Civic Foundation and will take place July 2-4, 2014, from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Colorado State Fair.

Golden was once home to one of the most important mining camps in the United States and was established during the Colorado gold rush as a major stopover for gold prospectors in the Rocky Mountains. The mining camp was originally named Golden City in honor of Thomas L. Golden and was founded by his son-in-law Thomas C. Goldsmith.

Founded during the Pike's Peak gold rush, the Golden City quickly became the region's leading economic and political center. Founded as a gold mining town, the city became a leading mining center in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and was an important stopover for gold miners on the important roads leading to the mountains.

The Colorado Central Railroad, which connected with Cheyenne, reached Golden in 1842, turning the city into a gateway to the Rockies. Realising that the race to Denver was lost at that point, Colorado Central began to expand westward into the area that had been established and focused on silver mining, but they would lose that race and CheYenne in one race.

Citizens and Golden supporters recognized that the spur of their new transcontinental railroad, which passed through Cheyenne, Wyoming, 100 miles north, was key to reestablishing Golden as the dominant heart of commerce in the area. Aware of the offshoots of the Golden's new transcontinental railroads that ran in CheYenne, Wyoming, and more than 100 miles north of them, the citizens and followers of the Golden were the crucial part of the Golden's resurrection into a dominant, heart-of-the-trade area, and they recognized that this was a key factor in their success.

Today, the Coors plant in Golden is the largest single brewery in the world and remains an important part of the Golden business landscape. In addition to the challenges that Golden's Colorado Central Railroad posed to Denver's railroads, a better-funded Denver Pacific Railway could connect Cheyenne much faster than Golden and secure the capital of this important city for Denver and its long-term status. Golden experienced growth as an industry that flourished in the 1870s and is now home to some of America's largest and most successful breweries and distilleries, such as Colorado Brewing Company and Colorado Beer Company, as well as a number of other small businesses. Because of the challenges Golden posed to Denver's railroads with the Colorado Central Railroad, he was able to connect CheYenneFar more slowly and with Golden, but to secure the capitals of these major cities for Denver and its longer-term status, according to a study by the Colorado Historical Society.

The Golden History Museum and Park is the oldest cultural institution in Golden, founded in 1938 as the Jefferson County Historical Museum. The Golden Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Golden Rose Museum are two of Colorado's longest-surviving gold miners - state-era companies and still home to rock and blues bands and a number of other small businesses. They remain a popular destination for tourists and visitors to Colorado's most popular music festival, the Rocky Mountain Music Festival, and host concerts by rock and blues bands.

The outdoor space in the park also has a long history as home to a number of outdoor events, including the Golden Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Golden Rose Museum. It is connected to Rocky Mountain National Park, the largest national park in Colorado, and is within five minutes of the mountains. Boulder is nearby, and Denver is close behind. It has access to many of Colorado's best hiking, biking, skiing, and parks.

With all these activities in Golden, you will be tempted to make it your destination for your next Colorado adventure. I think your accommodation should be somewhere you remember, but rest assured that there is more to do in and around Golden Colorado than you think.

Golden hosts some of the best mountain biking, hiking and mountaineering trails in the world, including Washburn Mountain, Golden Mountain Trail and Rocky Mountain National Park. You can also satisfy your personal interest by visiting the Grand Canyon or the Great Smoky Mountains National Wildlife Refuge.

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