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Golden, Colorado's first territorial capital, is experiencing unprecedented growth in food and restaurant choices as more chefs and restaurant owners discover this beautiful little historic mountain town. Golden residents flock to the highway to pick the best restaurants in the state's most popular tourist destination. The days when only Coors beer and burgers were offered on tap are long gone, "says John D'Amico, owner of Golden's first restaurant Golden Grill & Bar.

That's the question business partner Brandon Bortles has been asking since he opened SurMesa Taqueria in 2013 with his acclaimed Cholon Modern Asian. The duo brought a new concept to Golden by partnering with famous local chef Kofoed, with whom they had previously worked on the restaurant's famous Thai chicken and rice shells. Unlike the Little Curry Shop, where guests make their own bowls, this version specializes in naan wraps, known as "golden rolls," a nod to the city's rich history, food and culture. Bortsles and Kofoeds, who previously worked together at the prestigious La Bodega restaurant in New York City, plan to serve a variety of dishes from their new restaurant as well as other local favorites.

Pizza - the sale of cakes is available in various toppings, such as smoked maple, bacon, maple syrup, cinnamon and Nutella. A breakfast deli Sandwich adopts the classic bagel sandwich style, brimming with favourite fillings. Bagels, with flavours ranging from sesame to cinnamon to raisins, are combined with raisins and can be added to order banana sliced crepes and nutella, as well as a selection of salads and pasta.

The Trailhead Taphouse & Kitchen is a great place for a late dinner with a selection of beers and wines, as well as wine and beer specialties such as the Blue Ridge Rising and Black Bear. Enjoy a hot dog or burger or dip into the fire - fried chilli raelos, and if that's a tasty start, there's always the option of ending the night with Bruce Springsteen or Dolly Parton, drinking a Coors banquet or ordering a first-round mystery shot. Try it and seal it off while people watch the bike path and listen to the murmur of the river splashing by. Relax at brunch with the famous Mesa Bloody Mary, treat yourself to happy hour or grab one of their delicious burgers, sandwiches, soups, salads and sandwiches.

Located in the heart of downtown Denver, Thai Gold offers a selection of traditional Thai items ranging from a wide selection of noodles to traditional dishes such as chicken and rice noodles and Thai-style noodles.

In addition to some of the largest breweries on the planet, Golden offers a changing selection of craft beers in its tavern. We have a wide selection of beers, from craft beer to craft cocktails and even a beer and wine bar.

This 42-seat Italian restaurant serves a wide range of dishes, from comfort pasta to soothing pasta, and dishes with a variety to tempt you to eat. If you're looking for your next culinary tour at Golden, what's the latest? In the Golden Area there are a number of restaurants that you can visit on your next Culinary Tour of Golden.

Small food stations surround the central dining area, where there are fun communal tables reserved only for those who just join in and make new friends. The great thing is that anyone can get whatever they want, have a drink at the bar or meet on the terrace.

Today's Golden is also bursting with food that makes it the perfect place to spend an evening. From almost anywhere in Golden you can park your car, go to a bar or restaurant or just go out on the terrace and watch the sunset over the lookout.

Just last week, Dean and Aimee Valdez opened a brick building - which is covered at the back of the building - for their new restaurant Bella Colibri, which celebrates and offers Golden's past, present and future, as well as its past. And of course there are a few special events around the corner, like the Golden Grill and the Old Town Cafe, but they are still very open.

They also smoke poche and their bread tastes like it's just baked in Paris, and they serve jambalaya and gumbo mixed with the perfect accompaniment.

The long-running Golden Food trailer was sold by original owner Cecilia Bustillos to the current team of friends and will open in 2221. The 3,000-square-foot space on Ford Street, designed by boulderite Alan Ortiz, is in a thriving downtown area and contributes to a vibrant community center that has already taken Golden's reputation as a restaurant a step up. They are now served in food trucks, but soon there will be a wood-fired pizza, and in the future a restaurant and a full service bar.

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